Hi! I'm Philip, and below are some things I've been working on!

Curriculum Vitae

Below is a link to a digital version of my CV:

Game: Rymdstenar

Rymdstenar is a 2D, physics-based, revamp of Asteroids! By hooking onto asteroids with your rope you swing them at your friends in a chaotic asteroid field! In 2015 we competed in Swedish Game Awards and won in the category of Best Technical Execution!

Image Space Photon Mapping

Image Space Photon Mapping is a GPU accellerated algorithm for Global Illumination. We made a reimplementation to test the algorithms possibilities and limitations!

Compute Shader Boids

Comparing CPU and GPU Compute Shader Boid implementations - a model used for simulating flocking behaviour.

YA3 - You Are a Tree

You Are a Tree is an interactive experience where your body movements control the growth of a tree! The project is built using QT, OpenGL and the Microsoft Kinect SDK.

Minium Algorithms

Minium is a header-only algorithm library I am working on. Many algorithms are inspired from a course I took 2014: “Programming and Problem Solving under Pressure”.

Game: Totem Defense

The Umhubugha Tribe is having their annual animal celebration ritual, but you are the only one concerned with keeping the totem pole standing! This game was made during Global Game Jam 2016, in Kings' new Defold engine.

Game: Random Fighters

What do we do now?

This was the theme of Global Game Jam 2014. Our interpretation was Random Fighters - a party game where you fight your friends but with characters that has a random moveset!

Bixbite Raytracer

This project gives theory and implementation of basic raytracing, built in SDL and C++.

Putting a Finger on Guitars and Algorithms

My Bachelor Thesis project - Computing Fingering Information for Guitar Tablatures. In this project we proposed a heuristic to compute fingering information, which fingers to play with, for existing guitar tablatures.

Project Destination

During 2013 to 2014 I was IT manager in Project Destination - an annual international student project aiming to inspire and motivate students to seize working opportunities abroad.

Traveling Salesman Problem

Report and implementation of algorithms for solving the Traveling Salesman Problem, focusing on advanced heuristics.

Integer Factorization

Report and implementation of advanced algorithms for integer factorization. Specifically, we look at naive approaches, Pollard Rho's Heuristic and the Quadratic Sieve algorithm.